Sonntag, 26. März 2017

vigorous me

HI GUYS!! another week has passed. it was an interesting week. got dissed two Fridays in a row. if someone managed to harass me again next Friday, I'll buy him/her a fcuking trophy and medal.

and that's, folks, how I get tougher and tougher. I don't do violence. but being a humble giver I am, I'll give whatever you want. just note, you don't tickle the sleeping dragon. draco dormiens nunquam titillandus.

Sonntag, 19. März 2017

coming back home

HI GUYS!! I just had the most productive week in my life so far. hahaha. tiring but satisfying. it's great to know that I actually could do those things. and I know I can do much more than that. and I can't wait for more to come! :D

but, of course, being a life as it is, there's always some things and people who try to bring me down. no worry tho! it clearly shows that I am now higher than them ;D

Sonntag, 12. März 2017

adrenaline level: high

HI GUYS!! WOOHOO!! I CAN'T STOP SQUEALING!! hahahaha! there are five things to be handle before my trip in September. I mentioned that it would be on the exact date as this blog's anniversary; turned out it won't. it'll be one day earlier which means on Thomas' 28th birthday! hahahaha!

speaking of 28th birthday, tomorrow is Holger's! yeaaaaaayyyy!!

Sonntag, 5. März 2017

throw your hands in the air!

HI GUYS!! tbh I might just stop posting stuffs in this blog. nothing much fun happened recently. except last night I went to a German restaurant just to kill my curiousity. I read several reviews which most of them are bad review. I tried to shrug it off until I experienced it myself...

they're true. the waitress didn't know what was really exactly on the menu. the food were off. I ordered Jägerschnitzel; the meat was really good but the seasoning was meh. after two hours (eating plus chatting with one of my besties), they tried to shoo us away though there wasn't any line/waiting list. well, maybe that's why you have no waiting list.