Sonntag, 31. Dezember 2017

52/52 in PGK

HI GUYS!! let's see if this mobile blogger works. hehehe. posting this right from my hometown and currently having a feast. not till midnight at this place tho :(

anyway, my week in my hometown went with a bang! from one point to another and another. so, shall we?

I'll just edit this later because I don't how to utilize this app (edit: YAY! now this works!)

Samstag, 23. Dezember 2017


HI GUYS!! I know, I know, I said that I might not be posting another entry, but then I decided just to post this earlier. so I'm writing this just around six hours before my flight. still haven't good my breakfast but eh. my bags are packed except my backpack. hahaha! because I still have my phone on charge.

I forgot if this the first time I went back to my hometown in the after noon o.O but with this flight it means I probably do nothing for today there except visiting some aunties and having dinner! LOL. going back to my hometown means it's the time to gain weight. just hopefully not too much! hehe

alright alright. shall we?

Montag, 18. Dezember 2017

München ist rot!

HI GUYS!! we're coming to the last weeks of 2017. sorry, just got the time to post this entry right now. it supposed to be yesterday, I know. but I had to pick my mom up from airport; her flight got delayed despite they flew on time. air traffic, y'all!

arrived at home around 23.30ish and there's no chance I could write things well. as if this one's gonna be well. LOL!

anyway, shall we?

Sonntag, 10. Dezember 2017

that nostalgic feeling

HI GUYS!! HERBSTMEISTER SIND WIR!! WOOHOO!! this post starts with something right! weehee!! hehehe! I'd say this December is doing good so far. and I can't wait to my year-end holiday. coming back home has never been disappointing! :D

I finally watched one of my favourite local bands after several years. LOL!

shall we?

Montag, 4. Dezember 2017

fighting to the end

HI GUYS!! sorry for not posting yesterday. got a little bit busier than usual with one of my cousins had her wedding going on. hehehe. but it's all good. everything went well and I took my day off today so everything's good! :D

so, we'll talk about Bundesliga match and that new trailer. you know what I'm talking about. don't lie!

so before going to the match and the trailer, lemme tell you something.....

Sonntag, 26. November 2017

end of F1 2017

HI GUYS!! not a good weekend. hm. my red babies lost though I've expected it. my bumblebee finished another P6 tho! also the yellow finished P6 on constructions. but is it enough? NO. it gets worse! that was the very last race of this year!

so now we're back to just football weeks which gonna end in a couple of weeks.

alright. shall we?

Sonntag, 19. November 2017


HI GUYS!! it's not a race weekend but BL is back! and WE WON!! WOOHOO!! and that's all matters for this week. hehehe :p

VfB won against BVB where my Holger baby played. YAY!! this is also the highlight of the week. hahaha!

now, shall we?

Sonntag, 12. November 2017

chances are.....

HI GUYS!! another week another post! there'll be nothing about my red babies; but my bumble bee! and my seabass! this past week was somewhat weird. lol

so, brief recap of working days, my seabass, and my bumble bee. shall we?

what a brief intro right there lol

Sonntag, 5. November 2017

when you're weak, I'll be strong

HI GUYS!! another week has passed and guess what..... WE WON THE FIRST PART OF DER KLASSIKER!! WOOHOO!! we're having 3 matches of der Klassiker this season; thanks to another early final of DFB-Pokal which we're drawn to play against BVB at Allianz Arena. that'd be next thing tho. it's awesome to be back on track! danke an Papa Jupp! :D

also, if you read my last post, I woke up to Max's triumph in MX; thanks to Daniil's drop and Checo starting at P9 :p I'm sorry, Daniil :p

Sonntag, 29. Oktober 2017

ain't nobody do it like you

HI GUYS!! sorry for not posting something last week. was too exhausted to keep my eyes open. only slept for 3-4 hours during weekend. then I still had to attend a wedding. why 3-4 hours, you asked? woke up to watch my red babies and qualification for GP Austin

also, I swam for several hours during the day so basically I was so beat.

but, now, shall we?

Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2017

Friday 13th

HI GUYS!! on this week, on this post, gonna share a bit about how my weekend went, starting from Friday 13th. yaaaassss!! next Friday 13th would be on April next year! April 13th..... okay, that's another story.


Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017

that love

HI GUYS!! this is by far the most tiring weekend, perhaps. hahaha. so let's talk about this weekend. our not so new coach for red babies, my hulk in Suzuka, and wedding. yep, you read it right! one of my besties is now married! woohoo!!

let's talk about it one by one, shall we?

Sonntag, 1. Oktober 2017

going on roller coaster

HI GUYS!! there's another week~ welcoming October like a boss! woohoo! on this entry, I'm gonna blabber about my red babies and my bumblebee; as usual and always.

I myself doubt I'd be talking about anything else other than these two actually. hahaha. if there's nothing much happened in the past week, you might be just reading about my red babies and my bumblebee.

withour further ado, shall we?

Sonntag, 24. September 2017

a brief week


anyway, that would be on other post. on this entry, I'd blabber about how my week went; as usual and always.

shall we?

Sonntag, 10. September 2017

WSPD 2017

HI GUYS!! I'M SO FCUKIN EXCITED FOR THE UPCOMING TRIP! knowing that some of my favourite youtubers are also in Singapore right now. WOOHOO!! can't wait! can't fcukin wait!!

some highlights of this week: my red babies lost, gettin real tired with some things, my man is currently in Toronto for his premiere (congratulations, baby! can't be more proud of you!).

shall we?

Sonntag, 3. September 2017

holdin' on!

HI GUYS!! on this post I'd talk about: my white babies on their WC qualification matches, my Hulk in Monza, and how my long weekend went. of course also about the trip I've been mentioning for a while now. or maybe it's the one I've never stopped talking about :p

ya ready?!

Sonntag, 27. August 2017

#paradeasean50 #asean50

HI GUYS!! I'm running out of ideas on how to open a new entry; including this post. hehehe. but in summary, I'm gonna drabble about how tired this week was (LOL), my red babies (WE WON AND OUR GREATH WHITE WHALE IS BACK), F1 (MY HULKIE BABY FINISHED P6!!), and ASEAN 50 Parade

shall we start?

Sonntag, 20. August 2017

Leo babies

HI GUYS!! what's new? I have nothing new. except making some new friends through one of my high school besties who is getting married in October. woohoo!

also, my other besties came to Jakarta. spent some time for dinner and it's hella fun! and I'm getting giddy for our September trip!

should I set a countdown here? :p 23 days to go! it's like 23 sleeps more! it's more if I take a nap. LOL!

Sonntag, 13. August 2017


Pentru Bas,
Viata lunga, fericire, sanatate si iubire. La mulți ani. Sunt foarte recunoscător. Te iubesc. Mulțumesc.

HI GUYS!! woohoo!! today is exactly D-30 before my departure!! I am beyond excited!! one of my boys is having his 35th birthday today!! happy birthday, baby. love you to infinity and beyond!

it's good to have your man also as a Leo :D

Sonntag, 6. August 2017


HI GUYS!! THIS MIGHT BE THE BEST WEEKEND SO FAR!! WOOHOO!! until my SG trip, I suppose(?) hehehe. AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT TRIP!! will depart in less than 40 days! yeaaaaahhhh!!

so, the reason why this might be the best weekend so far.....

Sonntag, 30. Juli 2017

welcoming another 365 days of sun

HI GUYS!! final week of July! it has always been my week since forever and I think you know why. hehehe :p

for those who read my previous entry, I said that I was going to the opening ceremony of Art Jakarta 2017. I couldn't make it. it's on my important day but I went back from store late. also, I didn't come to the exhibition days. I'm sorry.

I cut my hair btw but nothing major~

Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017

hey! hey! hey!

HI GUYS!! we're coming to the very last week of July. and do you know what it means?!?! it means I'm one week closer to my September trip!! LOL!

naaaahhhh. it means my red babies are in Singapore right now and I live so close yet so far from where they're now. and it sucks!

Sonntag, 16. Juli 2017

screaming top of lungs

HI GUYS!! just passed the most tiring week so far; glad I had one day off. though on that one day off I also got tired. hahaha!

nothing much to tell actually except I went back home at 19.00-19.30 on average. nothing new, nothing new. hehehe

but this week, I got so hyped!! wanna know why?

Montag, 10. Juli 2017

escape plan

HI GUYS!! I was in Bandung last weekend thus this entry comes in today. and it'll be the main topic for this entry!

anyway, my other project has started. it's gonna be an exhausting month but pretty sure it's gonna be fun too! just have to make sure I won't fall sick. hehehe

so, about Bandung.....

Sonntag, 2. Juli 2017


HI GUYS!! this week was mentally exhausting and unfortunately I can't even tell you why. and it makes me more exhausted since I couldn't express/describe it.

but on the other hand, for those who read my previous post, here's the thing I'd been waiting for:

Sonntag, 25. Juni 2017

Eid Mubarak 1438H

HI GUYS!! HAPPY EID! EID MUBARAK!! may Allah always bless you all with health, success, peace, love, and happiness! :D

good thing about festive is holiday! hahahah! and I'm planning to prepare for my travel journal. yep! gotta do more research on several things!

Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017

one way and some other

HI GUYS!! I felt happy this past week and to be honest I don't know why. hopefully it will be that way for the whole next week and so on; especially next Monday (not tomorrow but next) is holiday!

and I can't wait to have my fidget spinner!! hahaha! I asked my little sister to buy one for me. LOL!

Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

another day another blessing

HI GUYS!! *groan* another week..... I'll do anything if it meant to fast forward to my September trip. I know I've been mentioning that trip a lot. it's not that I'm bragging. it's just I'm too excited for this trip!

I and one of my besties who joins this trip have been arranging the schedule/itinerary. AND I AM EXCITED. hahahha!

Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017

brief break

HI GUYS!! another week has passed..... with no football match..... and F1 race..... also, him being not at the office no more..... but anyway! I'm so happy! weehee!

I attended a workshop on Thursday; also the very last public holiday until Eid. hehehehe. unfortunately I didn't take any photo just like I promised. I'm sorry.....

Sonntag, 28. Mai 2017

let's wake up with determintation!

HI GUYS!! this was the first week without any football match. and I've missed watching my red babies so much :( but heeeyyyy~ they deserve a well rest after this somewhat unfair season. but we still won that 5th consecutive salad bowl. AYYYEEEEE!!

and I still have F1. this week is in Monaco!! but my bumblebee DNF. ugh babyyy~

Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

need to breathe

HI GUYS!! I just passed a week without holiday and I survived. LOL. this week was kinda emotional for me since WHO WAS NOT GONNA BE EMOTIONAL WHEN YOUR CAPTAIN IS RETIRING?!?!?!

I don't know if I could watch his last party at Rathaus..... :(

Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017

discrete motility

HI GUYS!! just casually passed another week. hahaha. this week got me good. got angry and disappointed, happy and sad, but also relieved and proud. I'd say it's the most interesting week in 2017 so far.

things were playing with my emotion on this weekend.....

Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017

#EuropeWeek 2017

HI GUYS!! this week was rather slow but fascinating! I finally moved my desk. it's okay so far. hahahaha. no comment for this one since some people from my office might find this blog :p

and I really had a fun weekend!

Montag, 1. Mai 2017



HI GUYS!! I totally forgot that yesterday was Sunday; supposed to post a new entry. LOL. I was like, "eh? yesterday was Sunday!" hahahaha. this is me being uncommitted to stuffs I love. bahahaha! pardon me.....

well, it's not like last week had so much to tell..... except.....

Sonntag, 23. April 2017

backpfeifengesichte Woche

HI GUYS!! this was an interesting week. from being disappointed, angry, and sad to happy and relaxed; also tired. hahahah!

so these are the main highlights of this week: 2nd leg UCL QF, BBW Jakarta, and WikiLatih Indonesiana. shall we start?

let's start with 2nd leg UCL QF......

Sonntag, 16. April 2017

spontaneity is a choice

HI GUYS!! just like I mentioned before, this weekend I went to Bandung. not that fancy trip or so, but I had fun. at least I went to these two places I was curious about. hahaha

but before that, I wanna talk about my red babies..... we lost on the first leg and drew on a matchday. I'm so sad..... but we don't talk about our fall. we talk about how we rise! :) GOOD LUCK ON THE SECOND LEG. WE'LL GO THROUGH TO THE SF!! *AMEN!*

Sonntag, 9. April 2017

average week ended with a bang!

HI GUYS!! just passed another week. working days for next week are only 4 days! such blessing! hahaha. I really need some time off. EL needs it too! hehehe

so, about this week..... my red babies had two matches; one against TSG, one against BVB. unfortunately we lost 1-0 to TSG but we won 4-1 to BVB! WOOHOO!! before the match, I had the feeling we procacly won by 1 goal. naaaahhhhh. 3 goals!! yeaaahhhh!! hahahaha! nothing can makes me happier than seeing my red babies winning! :D

can't wait for the UCL 1st leg of QF!! LET'S WIN THIS GAME, GUYS!! :*

Sonntag, 2. April 2017

beholden me

HI GUYS!! I'm so glad and beyond grateful for last week. not only I survived the whole week without my direct supervisor, I also had fun lunch on Friday. yep, apparently nothing much happened so I don't have to buy a trophy or a medal; just like what I stated last week

in fact, it's one of the best lunches I've ever had so far. I'd like to thank all the stars out there which were aligned perfectly and for any conspiracy that happened in the universe that day. hahaha. hope it goes well for the rest of my life *amen*

Sonntag, 26. März 2017

vigorous me

HI GUYS!! another week has passed. it was an interesting week. got dissed two Fridays in a row. if someone managed to harass me again next Friday, I'll buy him/her a fcuking trophy and medal.

and that's, folks, how I get tougher and tougher. I don't do violence. but being a humble giver I am, I'll give whatever you want. just note, you don't tickle the sleeping dragon. draco dormiens nunquam titillandus.

Sonntag, 19. März 2017

coming back home

HI GUYS!! I just had the most productive week in my life so far. hahaha. tiring but satisfying. it's great to know that I actually could do those things. and I know I can do much more than that. and I can't wait for more to come! :D

but, of course, being a life as it is, there's always some things and people who try to bring me down. no worry tho! it clearly shows that I am now higher than them ;D

Sonntag, 12. März 2017

adrenaline level: high

HI GUYS!! WOOHOO!! I CAN'T STOP SQUEALING!! hahahaha! there are five things to be handle before my trip in September. I mentioned that it would be on the exact date as this blog's anniversary; turned out it won't. it'll be one day earlier which means on Thomas' 28th birthday! hahahaha!

speaking of 28th birthday, tomorrow is Holger's! yeaaaaaayyyy!!

Sonntag, 5. März 2017

throw your hands in the air!

HI GUYS!! tbh I might just stop posting stuffs in this blog. nothing much fun happened recently. except last night I went to a German restaurant just to kill my curiousity. I read several reviews which most of them are bad review. I tried to shrug it off until I experienced it myself...

they're true. the waitress didn't know what was really exactly on the menu. the food were off. I ordered Jägerschnitzel; the meat was really good but the seasoning was meh. after two hours (eating plus chatting with one of my besties), they tried to shoo us away though there wasn't any line/waiting list. well, maybe that's why you have no waiting list.

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2017


HI GUYS!! the end of February is coming so fast! can't believe it's gonna be another month in 2017. I feel like I just celebrated new year(?) no kidding! and I'm still doing this one project. I have tons!

and I need to start on other projects very soon.....

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2017

the anthem is back!

HI GUYS!! happy valentine's day to all of you! I don't care if you're paired or single, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I'm beyond grateful to have my red babies won the CL match in midweek by 5-1!! WOOHOO! and thank you so much for the thrilling BL match against BSC. oh. my. God.....

last week was tiring. going back and forth to the two stores; gosh. but it's fun! at least I wasn't just sitting behind the desk. hehehe :p

Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017

oh na na!

they see me rollin', they hatin'~

HI GUYS!! WOOHOO!! I just saw that my pageview count has reached >26K!! THANK YOU! still a low traffic, but I'm so grateful for it. I mean, tbh, I don't even expect people would might read this blog. hehehe. THANK YOU!

btw, I finally finished reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. IT WAS AMAZING!! there's this guy who kept telling me it's the best one from Langdon series, I might have to agree with him. it was so great! but since I have read all Langdon series, I could guess the plot twist. hehehe. but still amazing and jawdropping; impossible to put down!

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017

another new thing

HI GUYS!! it's always been great to meet your besties. moreover, I got what I want!! thank you, secret santaaaa!! :p

my, my. I have to go back to what I usually do..... tbh I'm starting to enjoy the things I did in the past two weeks. LOL! but wish me luck! I need it

Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

Happy Lunar New Year!

HI GUYS!! HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!! the year of Fire Rooster. woohoo! to all readers who celebrate Lunar New Year, wishing you a healthy, success, and prosperous fire rooster year!

I forgot to greet my new friend from NZ. he's living in Jakarta for the next 1 year(?) I should get back to him immediately. hehehe

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2017

I feel free~

HI GUYS!! we just entered 2017 yet I had skipped a post. LOL. I'm sorry. last weekend I went to Belitung with my colleagues. it was fun! I might have too much fun. hahaha. I went back to Jakarta in the afternoon but then we went to visit one of our cousins; reached home like 21ish.....

so, yea, last week went to Belitung; exactly 2 weeks after my Bangka trip. hahaha. going back to my hometown has always been exciting! woohoo!

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

come at me, bro!

HI GUYS!! WOOHOO!! can't believe God is so kind for me. I got some challenges in the early days of 2017. I can't wait to just fcukin nail it! hahahaha! wish me luck!

on the other hand, I've started my project. pilot project to develop myself into a better person. hope it lasts long. hehehehe. I'll show you when it gets a little better :p

Sonntag, 1. Januar 2017


HI GUYS!! WOOHOO! 2017!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! finally 2017. hahaha. I still could remember how I wanted 2016 to come earlier because I was waiting for Sherlock's The Abominable Bride and Suicide Squad; of course I was also waiting for Deadpool and Civil War.

AND NOW 2017 IS HERE I FINALLY CAN WATCH SHERLOCK SEASON 4. baby, it's been way too long.....