Montag, 28. Dezember 2015

Christmas 2015

HI GUYS!! I swear I totally forgot to post one yesterday. not because I intentionally to release this on another 28. hehehe. 27 and 28 are something to me; so it's cool. hope you cool with that too :p

anyway, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! this year didn't like past years. I didn't go to my hometown to have decent holidays as usual as I'm already working. hehehe

Montag, 21. Dezember 2015

it's getting closer

HI GUYS!! first of all, apology. I was home very late last night and turned out I wasn't in a good shape (until now). I'm regret not to be able to go to work today. but, uh, four days to Christmas! eleven days to new year! eleven days to The Abominable Bride! eleven days to hopefully-money-well-spent year! hahahaha. I'm so watching all the comic movies, especially Suicide Squad. duh! it's non-comic, but The Last Kaiser's Kiss; DUH! baby in uniform!! *dead* yeah, I'm really counting the days down. too excited!! :D

*need to prepare myself for 2016* but again and again, 2016 may arrive like right now!! hahaha :p

Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015

counting the days down

HI GUYS!! how many days left before Christmas?! hehehe. I'm more into the new year this time :D as I said before, 2016 may arrive like right now!! you guys know the reason. hahaha! also I need to watch Sherlock BBC's The Abominable Bride. hopefully before January 2016 ends; since it's not aired here; ugh.

finally had a one-day break; thanks to the national voting. hahaha! I finally got my sleep back; but still not enough. mom went to Lampung to visit one of her friends at hospital. I almost joined her, but nah, I wanted my break; which then I had around 10-hour sleep. hehehe

Montag, 7. Dezember 2015

Hello December!

HI GUYS!! HELLO DECEMBER!! time does fly fast. hehehe. cliche. well, well, well. finally another end of the year. I'M EXCITED FOR 2016!! WOOHOO!! people who know me well must know why. hahaha :D
2016 may arrive like right now(?)
starts with Sherlock BBC The Abominable Bride on 1 January 2016!

last week, uh, yeah right. I posted previous entry on Saturday, in order to get the date. hahaha. you know 28 means something to me. it's Holger's jersey number! hehehe :p