Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2015

stayin' alive!

HI GUYS! YAY! bahahahaha. I'm happy for no reason. good, eh? hehehe! well, yea, or maybe I'm a bit insane. hahaha. doesn't matter. I feel happy and nobody should judge it, oder?

I think I just had another amazing week. thanking God wouldn't be enough for everything He has done to my life. I'm grateful for being alive during this time.

Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2015


HI GUYS!! I'm still beyond excited of my Saturday/yesterday! hehehe. well, first of all, it's weekend after first week of having job (LOL). I also had chance to meet two of my MT girls; also showed them my new haircut. YEAH I GOT HAIRCUT! last week on 10.10., hahaha! they said they didn't even realize it's me. so I think the haircut is good(?) :p

Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

life is but a dream!

HAEEE! hehehe. HI GUYS!! I started working this Monday, so I didn't have a chance to release an entry last Sunday. so sorry~ I bought some new gears on that day. got home a little bit late, so got no time to post as I had to sleep ASAP.

and the fact that I have some to work on..... well, I've committed to it so I have to really work on them :D

Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2015

I Do.

HI GUYS!! first of all, again, sorry for the late entry. but I have proper reason for that. hehehe. anyway, I expect last week was the last busy week. starting today, I might continue what I've been doing, but unfortunately postponed due to my thesis, graduation, events, and other stuffs. I expect I'll finish it within a year! :D

so~ basically here are what happened last week: