Montag, 31. August 2015

revolving days

HI GUYS!! HI! HI! HI! I'm terribly sorry for the hiatus these two weeks. yep, I missed two posts, I know, I'm sorry. but I have reason! hehehe. if you've read my previous post, you'd know why.

so basically this post would cover all last twelve days of me at work. event is my thing; always. and that one was a whole new level for me, which I'm beyond glad and grateful to be a part of it. I used to work on school-university-level events. this time, though I wasn't fully involved during the preparation, I had part in national-scale event; or international, as per its name.

Sonntag, 16. August 2015

every beauty needs a beast

HI GUYS!! WOOHOO!! FIRST POST HOLDING DUAL BACHELOR'S TITLE!! hahahaha! finally~ finally~ hehehe. again, thank you so much for all of you who have been with me, no matter since the very beginning or just now. thank you so much for your endless support and love, and most importantly, that you guys believe in me. the word itself might not be right to describe how grateful I am for having you, but, really, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

also, I have an upcoming job straight from 20 to 30 August. you might see me working at Hall 7C, ICE BSD City; which I have to apologize in advance, in case I couldn't post an entry next week.

Sonntag, 9. August 2015

last fight!

HI GUYS!! whoo! I'm so hyped. counting the days and nights down before I'm finally get my bachelor's title. hehehe. wish me good luck, guys! I need it so much :*

I'm so prepared for the defense that I have stuffs to bring to support my defense; including new phat gear~ bahahahaha. my topic is about Batik Banten, so I have to wear Batik Banten during the defense. I'll post the photo of it after the defense; with my titles on. AMEN TO THAT!!

Sonntag, 2. August 2015

waver week

HI GUYS!! last week was the week which I spent some time to prepare the defense. next week, the defense week starts; I'll be on the second week, 11 August to be exact. WISH ME LUCK!!

so, yea, last Tuesday, I prepared the content, while last Friday preparing on the statistical part. next week would be the final preparation. wish me luck~ wish me luck~ wish me luck~