Montag, 27. Juli 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! well, people know who's having birthday today. and this time, this entry is meant to be posted on the birthday. hehehe. just like last year, uh? well, yea, last year I posted it on this date in the evening, using CEST. hahaha!

I'm glad and grateful that my last days of being 21 was completed with a small reunion with my elementary school friends! yippie! I skipped my Belitung trip for this reunion. it's not much, but here we are:

Montag, 20. Juli 2015

one efficient date

HI GUYS!! EID MUBARAK! finally, another Ramadhan passed :D congratulations to all of us~ and I'm sorry for everything I have said/done intentionally or unintentionally. also, please forgive me for another late entry..... hehehe!

last Sunday, I went to the old town area of Jakarta. visited a museum I've never been to; others, checked! I have evidences! please don't mad at me~

Montag, 13. Juli 2015

perplexed me

PLEASE FORGIVE ME THAT I FORGOT TO RELEASE AN ENTRY ON LAST SUNDAY. totally forgot like..... I woke up this morning, checking my tumblr, then suddenly remembered that today is Monday..... I was in front of my computer last night, but didn't bother to check this blogspot at all..... I was too awestruck with Suicide Squad. WHO'S NOT READY FOR IT ANYWAY?!?! :D
new film logo

Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015

bewildered heart

HI GUYS!! first week of July~ weehee~ hahaha. I should've been applying jobs now. or other productive things..... well, there are some that actually I could do, but I think need a break for a moment(?)

ANYWAY, hehehe, I really wanna watched Terminator: Genisys; because of Jai Stephen Courtney. known him since A Good Day to Die Hard. then, one of my besties asked me to watch it!! YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! hahahaha. time to fangirl over him (again)!