Sonntag, 30. November 2014

jumping to the pool

HI GUYS!! this might be the last ever of weekly-recap entry. oh, or maybe I still do it during final-exam weeks. yeah, probably, yea. okay, this is not the last one. hehehe

he's there in the dark
he's there in my heart
he waits in the wing
he's gonna play a part
trouble is a friend, yeah
trouble is a friend of mine~

I know, it's Lenka's. and I think it summed this last week of the semester pretty well. hehehe. oh the things I'd really like to ignore~ but I couldn't. hahaha. well, there were some I ignored. I'm glad I still have problems/troubles since it means that I'm still alive. hm. you might wanna refer to this post. but it's in Bahasa. just translate it. I have the facility to translate directly at the very bottom of each entry. but I might use improper Bahasa, so it couldn't be translated well. hehehe :p

anyway, here's the recap of week 14, aka last week in 7th semester:

Sonntag, 23. November 2014

ultimate week!

HI GUYS!! thirteenth week!! my kind of week! hehehe. but I didn't know why, something made me furious always happens in this week. if you remember this one, the one who made me furious was the same guy as the one on that post. ck! I need to be graduated soon. it's not that I hate the institution, in fact I love it so much, but I couldn't really stand some people.

that kind of ups and downs..... I actually need it in life. if you noticed how much I was longing for this week because of external cup, there's something brought me down, exactly one day before it started. knowing that he isn't playing killed me a bit. not gonna lie, it affected me; felt like something blew me.

anyway, here's the recap of last week:

Sonntag, 16. November 2014

there goes..... my heart!

Monday, I'm waiting
Tuesday, I'm still waiting to see if you are fine
Wednesday, you're still not here neither in the morning, nor later
Thursday is also empty
Friday or Saturday or every Sunday
None of the day that I don't miss you
None of the day that you will come back to be in our old days
How long it will be like this
I don't know how many months or years
How many billions of our past memory
I never don't miss you

HI GUYS!! excited for tomorrow? hell yeah!! well, I'm waiting for Thursday, to be honest. but uhh..... Ale's not playing :( such a heart break

some said I should take a break. but I was like..... whaaaaattttt~~ no can do, brah~ I still have to do this and that. and this and that, and this and that. hahahah! I truly appreciate your concerns. thank you very much!!

basically, here's what happened last week:

Sonntag, 9. November 2014


HI GUYS!! three weeks left! woohoo! should I be hyped or stressed, hmm, idk. but I simply couldn't wait for being graduated. hehehe. of course, I'll miss my babies so much~ and talking about 'three weeks left', I still have some untouched final projects. as I mentioned on previous entry, I really need to get all of this sugar honey ice tea done; before 17.11., due to external cup. HEHEHE! I'm literally longing for the matches; basketball matches, especially~ oh come on, you know why~ ;D

got nothing to say more for this  entry. hmm. shall we go straight to the recap?

Sonntag, 2. November 2014

so wake me up!

HI GUYS!! mentally tiring week. hahaha. I did have fun. thanks to my besties. but I couldn't really run from those people who are still trying to get me down, right? hahaha. moreover, they're used to be my friends. ah, so-called friends..... hehehe. no worry, I'd be soon leaving all of them behind~ *fly away*

though it's tiring, I know it's worth. juhuuu~ realizing that next week would be the 11th week of my 7th semester, it means that I have 4 weeks left to get all the sugar honey ice tea done. but what did I do in the 10th? here's the recap: