Mittwoch, 27. August 2014

10 random facts about me (extended)

HI GUYS!! it turned out that this is the last entry posted from Germany; not this one. and I couldn't post my weekly entry this Sunday, as I'd be just reached Jakarta; and my internet runs again on 1 September. hahaha! so it'll be posted on 1 September. and who's having 22nd birthday on 1 September?!?! HEHEHE :)

so, on Tuesday (26.08, 17.55 CEST), one of my friends tagged me something. I had to throw 10 random facts. I didn't directly responded her tag, since I've never been good at doing this. hahaha! it's like around 2 hours later (20.02 CEST), I answered her tag. hehehe

Montag, 25. August 2014

guilty feet

HI GUYS!! this is (probably) the last entry from this beloved country, Germany~ and yes, next week I'll be in Indonesia again! woohoo!! so, how to make this entry memorable..... hmm...... hahaha! nah, it's gonna be another entry. I don't know how to make it special. with egg, maybe? #badjoke #insidejoke

a quick recap of last week. I didn't feel good; not in a good shape. but I'm glad everything went well :D and since it's my last weekend in Germany, I just didn't want to miss a thing~ oh, about my I-am-in-München-baby entry, maybe I'll post it when I'm in Indonesia. so I could have more time to share more :D

Montag, 18. August 2014


HI GUYS!! wow. it's really getting closer to my departure~ can't believe it. everything happens too fast. I know this is cliché, but it feels like it's just yesterday. but, uhh, hahahahah! yea, it's cliché.

don't ask me how I feel about it. it's a bittersweet. I've always wanted to stay in Germany; here I am now. but I can't run from my hometown. Indonesia will always have a place in my heart. period. especially my hometown, Jakarta(?). hahaha! yea, I was born and raised in Jakarta. but I always regard Pangkalpinang as my hometown. you might wanna check this post. raised in a metropolitan city, makes me crave beaches. or maybe it's just me who can't resist beaches, sea, ocean, water, seafood(?) hahaha!

Montag, 4. August 2014

I've been high when I'm feeling low

I do not let any idiot ruins my life.

HI GUYS!! it's getting nearer again and again to my departure. but no worry! as long as I could live in my dreams, everything would be just fine! hahaha. yea, I'm going to..... a city where I've always wanted to be~ :'D pretty sure you guys know what city it is; if you read my entries. hahaha! so, yeah, probably won't release any entry next week (10.08). next post will be on 17.08. (Indonesian's Independence Day!) or maybe before that. I'm not sure. hehehe

and, oh, no worry! I'll share how I spent my days in a city where I've always wanted to be~ the city that made me couldn't post an entry~ :p hahaha. still love you, guys! :*