Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

this date - nine years ago

my kind ways to love
HI GUYS! this is probably the last entry that I'm posting from Jakarta. or maybe not. we'll see ;D I'll be in Germany in several days! woohoo! wish me luck~ :D

Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

asal ada keyakinan

maka kesempatan itu selalu terbuka.
dan tidak ada yang mustahil.

HAI! maaf, maaf, udah 1minggu lebih gue ga update. duh, gue pake bahasa abal aja lah yaa. bahasa yang biasa gue pake buat ngobrol biasa. heheh

sorry for the non-Indonesian-speaker reader. yea, this is another entry which I didn't present it in English. if you wanna know what this post about, please do tell me and I'll translate it for you :D

Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

life is not a dream

but it's a reality which you have to face.

HI GUYS! this post isn't about recap. it's another post about...... it's another post which I blabber stuffs like I'm the expert. hahaha. please don't get mad at me *puppy eyes* and sorry for the delay~ and the very short post.....

for me, life is not a dream. life is a reality which you have to face. you can't imagine a perfect life just like on reel. that's nonsense~

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

short recess

HI GUYS! yea, it's me again. who else you expect, huh? hahaha. didn't plan to post a new entry but meh. hahaha! so I'm still on my holiday. gonna make it best, I guess, since there'll be no more holiday after this. I'm going abroad in less than a month, having a one-month lecturer, having internship, going back for the 7th semester, then OFSE, then thesis. woohoo!

for you guys who missed my old posts, OFSE stands for Oral Final Study Examination. unlike other universities, my university holds this exam before the thesis. we couldn't do the thesis if we didn't pass the OFSE. pretty scary, huh? I think that's what makes us different from other universities' graduates. no offense. others are also great; even amazing. but we're equipped with some other points.

Montag, 6. Januar 2014

it's a new beginning

HI GUYS! it's 2014! YAY! one of my dream will soon come true~ I'm really looking forward to experiencing it! :'D

this post, uhh, not gonna be a reflexive one. I'm not good at it. hahaha. I'll share my days in my hometown~ ;D

been there only for eight days. raining everyday like literally; even almost 2x24hours of raining.....  but I still went to beaches~ those are my homes. hohoho. can't get too far from it!