Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014


HI GUYS!! duh I'm getting worse in intro part. hahaha. this was the very last week of my 7th semester. YAY!(?) yay because next week I'm going back home; the real home. check this to reveal what the real home for me is.

ugh. I still need my boys. babies please don't go~ bahahaha. go, kids. chase your dreams! :D nanana~ couldn't believe it; almost one year. wow. it's your turn now, fellas! go for it! :D

here we go~ the very final recap for this year:

Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014

with you!

HI GUYS!! tough first final-exam week; but sweet. if it's not because of my boys, I don't know how I could/would go through. thank you, guys! you helped me a lot. like..... literally; whether you realized it or not. my deepest gratitude to all of you. sincerely from my heart :p

well, here's the recap of that tough first final-exam week:

Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

falling to pieces

HI GUYS!! so, silent week is over. time to do the real sugar honey ice tea of 7th semester! woohoo!! who's ready?! I'm not. LOL. ready or not, here they come~ nananana~ well, I'm ready. I have to be ready. hehehe

quick intro with a little bit longer recap of my very last silent week(?) I guess I won't have silent week in 8th semester o.O yoohoo! here they are:

Sonntag, 30. November 2014

jumping to the pool

HI GUYS!! this might be the last ever of weekly-recap entry. oh, or maybe I still do it during final-exam weeks. yeah, probably, yea. okay, this is not the last one. hehehe

he's there in the dark
he's there in my heart
he waits in the wing
he's gonna play a part
trouble is a friend, yeah
trouble is a friend of mine~

I know, it's Lenka's. and I think it summed this last week of the semester pretty well. hehehe. oh the things I'd really like to ignore~ but I couldn't. hahaha. well, there were some I ignored. I'm glad I still have problems/troubles since it means that I'm still alive. hm. you might wanna refer to this post. but it's in Bahasa. just translate it. I have the facility to translate directly at the very bottom of each entry. but I might use improper Bahasa, so it couldn't be translated well. hehehe :p

anyway, here's the recap of week 14, aka last week in 7th semester:

Sonntag, 23. November 2014

ultimate week!

HI GUYS!! thirteenth week!! my kind of week! hehehe. but I didn't know why, something made me furious always happens in this week. if you remember this one, the one who made me furious was the same guy as the one on that post. ck! I need to be graduated soon. it's not that I hate the institution, in fact I love it so much, but I couldn't really stand some people.

that kind of ups and downs..... I actually need it in life. if you noticed how much I was longing for this week because of external cup, there's something brought me down, exactly one day before it started. knowing that he isn't playing killed me a bit. not gonna lie, it affected me; felt like something blew me.

anyway, here's the recap of last week:

Sonntag, 16. November 2014

there goes..... my heart!

Monday, I'm waiting
Tuesday, I'm still waiting to see if you are fine
Wednesday, you're still not here neither in the morning, nor later
Thursday is also empty
Friday or Saturday or every Sunday
None of the day that I don't miss you
None of the day that you will come back to be in our old days
How long it will be like this
I don't know how many months or years
How many billions of our past memory
I never don't miss you

HI GUYS!! excited for tomorrow? hell yeah!! well, I'm waiting for Thursday, to be honest. but uhh..... Ale's not playing :( such a heart break

some said I should take a break. but I was like..... whaaaaattttt~~ no can do, brah~ I still have to do this and that. and this and that, and this and that. hahahah! I truly appreciate your concerns. thank you very much!!

basically, here's what happened last week:

Sonntag, 9. November 2014


HI GUYS!! three weeks left! woohoo! should I be hyped or stressed, hmm, idk. but I simply couldn't wait for being graduated. hehehe. of course, I'll miss my babies so much~ and talking about 'three weeks left', I still have some untouched final projects. as I mentioned on previous entry, I really need to get all of this sugar honey ice tea done; before 17.11., due to external cup. HEHEHE! I'm literally longing for the matches; basketball matches, especially~ oh come on, you know why~ ;D

got nothing to say more for this  entry. hmm. shall we go straight to the recap?

Sonntag, 2. November 2014

so wake me up!

HI GUYS!! mentally tiring week. hahaha. I did have fun. thanks to my besties. but I couldn't really run from those people who are still trying to get me down, right? hahaha. moreover, they're used to be my friends. ah, so-called friends..... hehehe. no worry, I'd be soon leaving all of them behind~ *fly away*

though it's tiring, I know it's worth. juhuuu~ realizing that next week would be the 11th week of my 7th semester, it means that I have 4 weeks left to get all the sugar honey ice tea done. but what did I do in the 10th? here's the recap:

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

susceptible juncture

HI GUYS!! last week required too much emotion. didn't feel good during the classes, but hyper during internal cup matches. hahahaha. I do have my priorities(?) lololol. I didn't feel easy last week. hopefully it's just me. hopefully.

as the internal cup ended, I see no reason to come home late. hohoho! my life, if it's not for football, currently, I don't know whom/what I should dedicated it to. family, as always, comes first. then?

anyway, here's the recap of last week:

Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014

that one time

HI GUYS!! tough week was tough. hahaha. not that tough actually. well, it's tough. tough when I don't have my lappy with me while actually I need it so much. hmm. I must postpone all the things I usually do; like playing and playing. LOL. I couldn't do any assignments and stuffs. hopefully the lecturers don't give much.

well, still about internal cup which will end very soon. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I still wanna watch my bayees playing :( I still could watch Ju plays next internal. but Ale? :<

anyway, here's the recap:

Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

tell me what you wanna hear

HI GUYS!! I think I'm only sharing about internal cup on this entry..... because that's how my week went. hahaha! no regret! I witnessed great matches and disappointing flaws. still, no regret! lolololol

well, umm, I have no idea for the introduction on this entry, so, shall we just go straight to the recap?

Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

"Humans are fragile creatures made up of broken hearts and broken promises."

I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven
HI GUYS!! another week passed. and you know what it means? internal tomorroooooooowwwww!! weehee!! literally couldn't wait for it. it might be the last internal cup which I could see my boys playing. "my boys" here refers to ale and ju, of course. hehehe. next semester, I still could see ju playing but not ale since he'd be in Germany.

last Sunday, I got a new haircut and watched The Maze Runner. IT WAS AWESOME. I COULDN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF. OH MY GOD KI HONG LEE!! I'm happy that I've "known" him far before the movie. it's like: "hey, I know this guy before you guys!!" hahaha!

anyway, here's the recap of last week:

Sonntag, 28. September 2014

right round oh right round!

HI GUYS!! another week passed; took me closer to the end of 7th semester. hmm. I feel that this semester runs faster the previous. well, maybe I "skipped" the first week. hmm. but it shouldn't be that fast, right? next week is the 6th week. which means, the following week would be 7th week, and it's already half of 7th semester. IS THIS REAL? hahaha. well, it's real. I filled a form for OFSE and graduation stuffs. IT'S REAL. YEAH! wish me luck~

as the time goes by, I still really hope that another one of my plans would work. I do have many plans. and I believe everything go well~

should we jump to last week's recap? :D

Sonntag, 21. September 2014

free your mind

that moment when you're tired obeying the society.
that moment when you're tired being someone else.
that moment when you're tired pleasing others.

HI GUYS!! it's been another week~ hehehe. and, oh, my seniors were just graduated last Saturday..... CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS!! :D honestly, couldn't wait for my turn; hopefully next year. amen! I'm waiting for the big thing I've decided. hehehe

anyway, here's a recap from last week:

Sonntag, 14. September 2014


HI GUYS!! this day is exact date of this blog's first post which means it's been two years! yeaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy~ hehehehe. this is probably the second longest commitment so far. bahahaha. please don't ask what the first one is.

so, last year, on the similar entry, I posted this. my weekly post is on Sunday, so I had to postpone the post. but now this year~ woohoo~ many things have changed. even I posted cheesy entries. bahahaha. if you asked me, what this blog supposed to be, I'm actually not sure. I'd like to share stuffs with you but sometimes I kinda hate to socialize, so I "talk" via this blog. bahahaha!

Sonntag, 7. September 2014

superb alpha!

HI GUYS!! back to the normal routine; studying. nanana~ so, I'm gonna post (starting from this entry) this just like before; like usual. for those who just read this blog for the first time, you might want to check the entries from September-December 2013 to get the idea what I was talking about.

as I told you before, the 7th semester started on 25 August. but I was still in Berlin back then, because I still had my internship. so I missed the first week. none of my classmates "updated" me about what they did. that's okay. I'll catch up on my own :D and..... here's the recap of my first week; I know, it's second week already~ hahaha

Montag, 1. September 2014

back to the future!

HI GUYS!! guess where I am now..... JAKARTA! or to be more precise, BSD/Tangerang. yep, I'm back! WOOHOO!(?) hahaha. I don't know, guys. I don't what/how to feel. it's like a bittersweet chocolate; 85% cocoa. hahaha! it's the dark one, but if you taste it carefully, actually it's sweet.

btw, I'm sorry for the late post. it's because I just arrived Jakarta yesterday, and my internet starts running today. but did you enjoy my previous entry? you might wanna check it; if you wanna know a little more about me. hahaha. posted and just promoted it as if there's someone cares~ :p

before continuing to the usual post..... HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY, ALE!! hehehe~ :$

Mittwoch, 27. August 2014

10 random facts about me (extended)

HI GUYS!! it turned out that this is the last entry posted from Germany; not this one. and I couldn't post my weekly entry this Sunday, as I'd be just reached Jakarta; and my internet runs again on 1 September. hahaha! so it'll be posted on 1 September. and who's having 22nd birthday on 1 September?!?! HEHEHE :)

so, on Tuesday (26.08, 17.55 CEST), one of my friends tagged me something. I had to throw 10 random facts. I didn't directly responded her tag, since I've never been good at doing this. hahaha! it's like around 2 hours later (20.02 CEST), I answered her tag. hehehe

Montag, 25. August 2014

guilty feet

HI GUYS!! this is (probably) the last entry from this beloved country, Germany~ and yes, next week I'll be in Indonesia again! woohoo!! so, how to make this entry memorable..... hmm...... hahaha! nah, it's gonna be another entry. I don't know how to make it special. with egg, maybe? #badjoke #insidejoke

a quick recap of last week. I didn't feel good; not in a good shape. but I'm glad everything went well :D and since it's my last weekend in Germany, I just didn't want to miss a thing~ oh, about my I-am-in-München-baby entry, maybe I'll post it when I'm in Indonesia. so I could have more time to share more :D

Montag, 18. August 2014


HI GUYS!! wow. it's really getting closer to my departure~ can't believe it. everything happens too fast. I know this is cliché, but it feels like it's just yesterday. but, uhh, hahahahah! yea, it's cliché.

don't ask me how I feel about it. it's a bittersweet. I've always wanted to stay in Germany; here I am now. but I can't run from my hometown. Indonesia will always have a place in my heart. period. especially my hometown, Jakarta(?). hahaha! yea, I was born and raised in Jakarta. but I always regard Pangkalpinang as my hometown. you might wanna check this post. raised in a metropolitan city, makes me crave beaches. or maybe it's just me who can't resist beaches, sea, ocean, water, seafood(?) hahaha!

Montag, 4. August 2014

I've been high when I'm feeling low

I do not let any idiot ruins my life.

HI GUYS!! it's getting nearer again and again to my departure. but no worry! as long as I could live in my dreams, everything would be just fine! hahaha. yea, I'm going to..... a city where I've always wanted to be~ :'D pretty sure you guys know what city it is; if you read my entries. hahaha! so, yeah, probably won't release any entry next week (10.08). next post will be on 17.08. (Indonesian's Independence Day!) or maybe before that. I'm not sure. hehehe

and, oh, no worry! I'll share how I spent my days in a city where I've always wanted to be~ the city that made me couldn't post an entry~ :p hahaha. still love you, guys! :*

Montag, 28. Juli 2014


HI GUYS!! first of all, I'd like to apologize for the previous entry. it's pointless, unnecessary, and..... why the hell did I post it..... hahaha! please do pardon my swinging mood. hehehe. ugh why did I put an irrelevant photo on the entry.....

ANYWAY. hahaha. please just ignore my previous post. bahahaha. okay. I think I forgot to mention that my seniors at my university faced the thesis defences. I'm glad that they succeed :D especially to this one senior who passed the defence awesomely. congratulations, you unofficial (fresh) graduate! :p

Montag, 21. Juli 2014

voiceless scream

HI GUYS!! it's getting nearer to my departure back to Indonesia~ noooooo, I don't wanna leave this country................. everything is breathtakingly beautiful here..... everything is perfect!! :'D

I do, people, still wanna go back to Indonesia. there's nothing better than being at your on home. but I wanna stay here. hehehehe :p pretty sure I'll come back here and stay for several years..... we'll see :D

Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

I choose to live (one of) my dream(s)

I don't stop dreaming.
I wake up everyday to make it happens.
I work my ass off to make my dreams come true.
and here I am,
living in one of my dreams.
a dream which finally has come true.

HI GUYS!! so, on the last post, I "promised" you a next entry. here's the entry I promised. something that..... well, maybe some (or most) of you don't care. but for those who have dreams and wanna make them come true, this entry might be a right one for you :)

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

syrupy week

HI GUYS!! this time, it's an early post~ hehehe. if you notice, usually the weekly entry is posted at night, around 21ish (my local time here). but not today. guess why? :p oh, sorry if the reason is too simple to be guessed. ha ha! :D

Montag, 7. Juli 2014

assiduous weekend

HI GUYS!! it's July~ woohoo~ know what it means?! nah, you don't have to know about it. hahaha! again, another week just passed. my departure from Germany.....

I'm still humming some Indonesian songs. thank you to this one guy who asked me to go to a mini concert. terribly sorry, I turned it down. it's not that I was cranky or so. I just didn't feel I wanted to go out. sorry, I know it's not even a legit excuse. hmm. there's an inset story in some songs I know. thanks to people around me. thank you for helping me to give colours to my life :D

Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

"that's adorable~" :D

HI GUYS!! it's almost July, which means it's getting nearer to my departure from Germany..... NOOOOO!!!! I wanna stay here longer :( but maybe not in Berlin. I'd like to stay in another city. well, it's not that I don't like Berlin or so, but I'd like to try to stay in various cities. hehehe

last week was a blast! Germany is one of the 16 teams who went through the group phase, and it was Thomas' goal :' awesome boy!! :* hehehehehe

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

rosy week?

HI GUYS!! last week was such a cheerful week! laughed at the office most of the time. hahahah! fun! fun! fun! World Cup 2014 is still running~ and here's a short recap of my 20th week(?) was it 20th?

nah~ who cares~ hahahaha :p

Montag, 16. Juni 2014


HI GUYS!! it's been another week~ 19th week. ready or not, 20th week is coming really soon. 10 weeks left! or 11? hahahah. doesn't matter~ my weeks here gon be over soon. happy or sad, I still couldn't decide how to react. but nah~

tough Friday 13th~ but it was fun! hahahaha! so I had to go to IHK and an embassy again, to handle some documents. started it at 8.15ish, got back to the office around 14.49ish(?) so funny yet tiring. hahahahaha

Montag, 9. Juni 2014


HI GUYS!! another day, another dawn..... really, couldn't figure out how I should react/response. I'm happy as it means I'm another day closer to go back to Jakarta; where the (cheap) food exist. yet I'm also sad, as I'm going to leave this country; where I've been always wanted to be.

btw, I'm sorry for the late post. my besties came to Berlin last weekend, so I thought this post should tell a little bit. what do you think? ;D

Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

first week of second half

HI GUYS!! how's your holiday? here in Germany, I only got one day holiday which was on last Thursday. my family back there in Indonesia got two days: last Tuesday and Thursday. I want it too..... Indonesia is so nice as they have many holidays~ hahahaha! :p

this post probably not gonna be long as usual. I'll keep this one short. just trying to make entries more compact. hahahaha

Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

kacang! kacang!

HALO KALIAN!! engga, itu bukan arti harafiah "hi guys" deh kayaknya. hahaha. and here's another entry in my native language. entri terakhir yang pake bahasa Indonesia (bahasa yang gue pake buat ngobrol mungkin lebih tepatnya) itu Januari weeeyyyyy~ yang ini nih. buseeetttt..... lumayan, 4 bulan yang lalu. hahaha

okelah, kali ini gue bakal ngebahas..... "kacang ingat kulit". kalo pake istilah "jangan jadi kacang yang lupa kulitnya" ini agak kurang bagus. kata-kata "jangan"nya ini lebih nancep di diri daripada arti kalimatnya :D

Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

the second half just began

HI GUYS!! since I said something before, I think it's the right time for me to welcome myself to the second half of the match here in Germany. living in Germany is a match...... maybe? hahaha. nah, it's nothing. I'm just using that term because of football. my liiiiiiiiiifeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

but it is the second half, uh? I got 30 weeks, I just passed 15 weeks; means that I have another 15 weeks, right? that's another half. hahaha. okay, no need to discuss it.

Montag, 19. Mai 2014

fifteen of thirty

HI GUYS!! another week just passed! hohoho. but it means another week closer to my task's deadline. whatever. HEHEHE. maybe I should really start doing it very very soon. I'll do it. eventually. nothing to worry about. I got this~ hahahah

last week was tiring. so tiring that it made me sick! hahaha. nah, I'm kidding. but I was sick. sick of you! :p

My Life, My Soul, My World, My Everything

Ai ai ai ai ai
FC Bayern München
Wir singen und tanzen auf jedem Fußballplatz 
Ein Schuss, ein Tor, die Bayern, DIE BAYERN!!

HI GUYS!! this entry would be about football. as you might already know/notice, I love football so much that I couldn't describe. this entry is for those of you who are curious why I would end up regarding football as my everything. and why FC Bayern München, why Germany National Team.

it's gonna be a long post. just for your information~ :D

Montag, 12. Mai 2014

hakuna matata!

HI GUYS!! another week passed! woohoo! but it means that the deadline of my task is getting nearer :| nah, no worry~ I'll have it done eventually~ HEHEHE. as another week just passed, it's time for another entry! oh btw I have a midweek entry. for those of you who haven't read it yet, it's about..... just click and read it, okay? :p

btw I still don't know how to express my gratitude to all my readers. last month, which is April, this blog reached its highest pageviews! yay! anyone who has ever visited this blog, whether you read it or not, THANK YOU! I do still hope that these entries entertain you enough. or maybe help you to fall asleep. hahaha!

Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

Mayday below sea level

HI GUYS!! this entry would be another travel journal. my first one was this. since no one gave any comment (oh, guys, please, anyone can give comment anywhere), I assume that the journal is quite fine. hahaha. I mean the style or the way I share it. if it's not okay, let me know. it's good to have critics. it means that I can improve my writing. thank you!

so, last weekend, I went abroad again. with those two friends; again. hahaha. travel buddies!! weehee~ this time, we headed to the country that lies below sea level. what a clue! I know. it's easy to guess, uh?

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014

my sleeves are turning red

HI GUYS!! wow, wow, wow. another week just passed. and I lost my counting. hahaha. which week was it? umm..... *I counted* thirteen? DREIZEHN?! wow!(?) really? hmm.....

sorry for another late post. I got unbearable abdominal pain (or stomach ache LOL) on Sunday night. nah, kidding. it's still bearable but I actually couldn't bear that I yawned every minute. please tell me that you just yawned after reading 'that I yawned every minute'; and you just yawned again. hahahaha

Dienstag, 29. April 2014

boredom and sensitivity

HI GUYS!! there's it. another week just passed. April was a busy month for sure. hahaha. besides the normal working days, the weekends were also tight. first weekend, I went to Dresden without telling anyone. second weekend, my bestie from Dresden came to Berlin for the second time. third weekend, I spent it with my besties in Czech. fourth weekend, this weekend, I spent it at a shopping area on Saturday; and hang around on Sunday.

but I need much sleep. sleeping is good, yo! hahaha. especially for me who is lacking of sleep. don't judge me~~~ ugh. this sentence reminds me of Justin James Hughes. you don't know him? ahaa~ now you know. he makes videos too! :D 

sorry for the delay. something wrong with my device. it's cool now. except I have to do a bit more on it.

Samstag, 26. April 2014

Easter in City of Towers

HI GUYS!! okay, so this is my first attempt writing a travel entry. I hope you could bear with it. hahahaha!

yea, I went to Praha and Kutná Hora on last Easter holiday. I went there with my two friends. since Prague is somewhat near Dresden, so I went to Dresden first. I am currently living in Berlin, for those of you who might still don't know. it's Thursday night, that I arrived in Dresden. I took a bus from Berlin (Berlin ZOB, Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof) at 20.45 and arrived in Dresden at 22.55 at Bayerische Strasse; left side of Dresden Hauptbahnhof (central/main station). one of my best friends who is having internship in Kesselsdorf (suburb area of Dresden) picked me up. she is currently living in Freital (also suburb area of Dresden).

Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

week of tacenda

HI GUYS!! terribly sorry for the delay. I went to..... places. hehehe. I'll tell you in this entry, where I was on last weekend; or Easter holiday, to be exact. sounds great, uh, holiday? YAY! hohoho. btw, tacenda (based on The Free Dictionary) means "things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over in silence". you'll know in the end why I used it on the title.

before rushing to the story of my Easter holiday *giggle*, I'll share how I passed last week. in short, the weekdays were..... well, it required much patience. blame hormones! LOLno. I blame no one and nothing. I did blame myself actually o.O hahaha

Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

why is it so hard to be real?

no, it's not.
everything is easy.
we, the humans, make it hard.

HI GUYS! another random entry from me~ hahaha. this time, I'd like to share my point of view of..... see the title. hehehe. the question is valid for me too. one of the reasons why I started this blog is because I could be real here. I can say whatever I want. I don't care what people out there think about me. and so on.

yea, why is it so hard to be real? why are you guys keep wearing those masks? why pretending to be someone else? why don't you just show up the real you? why should you hide? come on, guys. don't you feel tired?

Montag, 14. April 2014

I just wanna be okay

HI GUYS!! another week! woohoo~ one of my best friends (the one that from Dresden) came to Berlin again!! hahahah! it's magnificent to have your best friend(s) in town! hehehe :D

before sharing about my weekend, I'm gonna share the weekdays~ they were..... fine. did the tasks as usual. ups and downs, ups and downs, ups and downs. hmm. yea, that's life. if you have no ups and downs, it means that you're dead :D

Dienstag, 8. April 2014

running away

HI GUYS!! again, another week just passed. sorry for the delay. I went to Dresden last weekend ;D to meet one of my best friend, of course! hohoho! the one who visited us in Berlin. so I paid her visit. YAY!! DRESDEN!!

anyway, before I shared about it, let me share something else first.

Montag, 31. März 2014

delicate week

But with tomorrow came no answers...

Is there anybody out there
Hope they're still waiting for me
'Cause I'm feeling so scared
But I know through this, I can be free
'Cause if I keep on, I know I'll find
It'll all get better in time
Is anybody out there
'Cause I know you're still waiting
You're still waiting on me

Sonntag, 23. März 2014


HI GUYS!! so it turned out that THIS ENTRY was my 100th on this blog!! YAY! thank you to everyone who read, read, and are still reading. I really hope that I don't get you bored. I hope my posts are inspiring. though actually I don't know from which aspect that this blog is inspiring. hahahah

enough with the 100th post. yep, that's it. hehehe. 

Dienstag, 18. März 2014

shedding (happy) tears

HI GUYS!! there's something wrong with my laptop. UGH! so I use it from safe mode with networking. I'm glad this way still works. though it makes my audio doesn't work at all..... UGH! oops. seems that I just grumbled twice. hahaha. no more grumbling~

sorry for the late update. I was quite busy last weekend. but no worry, I still have time to post :D or maybe there's no one worries about it.... or even glad that I don't post....(?)

Sonntag, 9. März 2014

time to explore yourself

HI GUYS!! another week just passed. yea, it's my 5th week in Germany. and counting. hohoho! I'm getting used to the life here. I'm improving and developing myself. maybe this is the right time to explore myself. to finally know what I want. to finally realise who I am :)

a short recap about my first week of my internship, okay? ;)

Sonntag, 2. März 2014

how I finally get my internship abroad

HI GUYS! as I stated on previous post, now I'd like to share about my internship. particularly about how I finally get my internship abroad; as per title. it's not an easy one, so I hope it's worth.

I applied to many companies; literally. how many do you expect? it's almost 400 companies with at least 420ish applications. sometimes I applied to several vacancies under one company.

Montag, 24. Februar 2014

three weeks and counting

HI GUYS!! it's been three weeks since my arrival. gonna leave Soest in a week. hahh~ no class at all for the last week so I decided to go to Gelsenkirchen, Leverkusen, Moenchengladbach, and back to Koeln; you know why I'm going there~ hahaha. then start the internship until end of August. yep, 31 August. nah, 29 August, perhaps.

Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

culture shock

HI GUYS! it's been two weeks since my arrival in Germany. nananana~ everything's okay here. well, the country is okay. I mean, nothing to worry about. *as if there's someone who worries about me hahaha

as I said on the previous post, my life so far: eating and shopping. hehehe. while others shop for clothes, I shop postcards. weehee~ that's my guilty pleasure~ nope. I'm not guilty!! hahaha :p

Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

erstmal in DEUTSCHLAND!


HI GUYS!! WEEHEE~ finally me in Germany~ ahaaa~ hahahaha! I'm not sure I could update this blog regularly like usual but I'm trying to keep writing. nah, it's not a good one tho. hehehe

so, yeah, I departed on the first day of February. the plane was delayed for around 2 hours which made me rush while transit in Abu Dhabi. it's CGK-AUH-DUS. I thought I'd have some time in AUH, but naaayyyy~ I had to board right away. it's fine tho. so I didn't have to wait longer to arrive in Germany. hahaha!

Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

this date - nine years ago

my kind ways to love
HI GUYS! this is probably the last entry that I'm posting from Jakarta. or maybe not. we'll see ;D I'll be in Germany in several days! woohoo! wish me luck~ :D

Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

asal ada keyakinan

maka kesempatan itu selalu terbuka.
dan tidak ada yang mustahil.

HAI! maaf, maaf, udah 1minggu lebih gue ga update. duh, gue pake bahasa abal aja lah yaa. bahasa yang biasa gue pake buat ngobrol biasa. heheh

sorry for the non-Indonesian-speaker reader. yea, this is another entry which I didn't present it in English. if you wanna know what this post about, please do tell me and I'll translate it for you :D

Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

life is not a dream

but it's a reality which you have to face.

HI GUYS! this post isn't about recap. it's another post about...... it's another post which I blabber stuffs like I'm the expert. hahaha. please don't get mad at me *puppy eyes* and sorry for the delay~ and the very short post.....

for me, life is not a dream. life is a reality which you have to face. you can't imagine a perfect life just like on reel. that's nonsense~

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

short recess

HI GUYS! yea, it's me again. who else you expect, huh? hahaha. didn't plan to post a new entry but meh. hahaha! so I'm still on my holiday. gonna make it best, I guess, since there'll be no more holiday after this. I'm going abroad in less than a month, having a one-month lecturer, having internship, going back for the 7th semester, then OFSE, then thesis. woohoo!

for you guys who missed my old posts, OFSE stands for Oral Final Study Examination. unlike other universities, my university holds this exam before the thesis. we couldn't do the thesis if we didn't pass the OFSE. pretty scary, huh? I think that's what makes us different from other universities' graduates. no offense. others are also great; even amazing. but we're equipped with some other points.

Montag, 6. Januar 2014

it's a new beginning

HI GUYS! it's 2014! YAY! one of my dream will soon come true~ I'm really looking forward to experiencing it! :'D

this post, uhh, not gonna be a reflexive one. I'm not good at it. hahaha. I'll share my days in my hometown~ ;D

been there only for eight days. raining everyday like literally; even almost 2x24hours of raining.....  but I still went to beaches~ those are my homes. hohoho. can't get too far from it!