Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

yes I am weary

HI GUYS! I literally didn't have much time to write this entry. as you can see, it's getting shorter and shorter. I just retraced what I should do for the rest of this semester. omg. I have gazillion things to do!!

anyway, here's the recap of my 9th week in 5th semester:

Montag, 21. Oktober 2013

long-short week

HI GUYS! as I said before, I had holiday for this week's Monday and Tuesday. I spent the days mostly at home, because I needed much rest. I was a bit too busy previous week, so, yeah~ ( ._.)

this week, though I only had classes for two days (Wednesday and Thursday), I was extremely tired. in addition, I got flu and the flu made me suffering sore throat too. because of the flu, it's hard to breathe normally from my nose. so I breathe from my mouth too. it became too dry, and voilà! I got sore throat. it was a very tough week for me. hahh~

posting this on Monday because I didn't have much time to do it on Sunday..... hehehe. I know, I'm bad at making excuses. hohoho

anyway, here's the recap:

Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

half way done - half to go

HI GUYS! another week passed~ *sigh* I think I'll be extremely busy this semester. okay, maybe the things I need to do are not as many as one of my best friends who handle all the designs for some part of my uni's organizations. but, uh, I feel everyone's coming to me and I need to respond them all nicely; HSR, external cup, internal cup, IBEF, election week. I'm fine with that. as long as they still look for me, means that they understand/know my role on those organization and committees; including my lecturers and some my uni's staffs too. yay! besides those things, I have tasks, assignments, quizzes. not really dare to mention my preparation for internship next semester..... oh... my... God...

anyway, last week was a blast! typical 7th week at my uni. hahahaha. glad I made it through half semester. HALF semester. another 7 weeks to go, then 1-week silent week, then final-exam week. on the 14th week, I and my team need to present our product for Entrepreneurship Venture; I'll show you later ;D

and here's the recap of my 7th week:

Montag, 7. Oktober 2013

feminisme di mata seorang cewek labil

gue. maksudnya itu 'cewek labil' tuh gue. hahaha. lo bisa mengira-ngira lah, gue se-labil apa, berdasarkan celotehan gue. kali ini entri dalam bahasa Indonesia yang tidak baik dan benar lagi. kenapa tiba-tiba ngomongin feminisme? karena Minggu malem (06/10) gue baca entri orang lain tentang ini, dan topik ini bener-bener menggelitik nalar gue buat ngebacotin tentang hal yang sama. hahahaha!

terribly sorry for my non-Indonesia-speaker readers. this post is about feminism. doesn't mean that I don't allow you to read/understand this post. it's only an opinion from me about it. my targeted readers are Indonesians who need some 'enlightenments' about feminism; and for Indonesians who are trying to see things from many point of views ;) if you're still curious, just let me know and I'll translate this for you.

Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

furious week

HI GUYS! remember some previous posts 'emotional week'? this week was a furious week. me on my previous post 'super tiring week' was physically tired. me on this post: physically and mentally tired. here, lemme tell you why.....: