Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2013

too much talking - holiday part nine

what? part nine? where's seven and eight? can't you count?

here's seven, and here's eight. hahaha.

today is my twitter anniversary. yaaayyyy~ been four years on twitter. according to twitter counter, I'm now on #42,804,009 worldwide. the latest condition of my twitter when I'm writing this is: 149,781 tweets, follows 136, 138 followers. yea, I'm not really a nice person. I don't have many followers. nah jk. people in my society normally do follow for follow which is so not me. I follow because I like it, not because I wanna be followed back. and they also refuse to follow someone else they know first. maybe they wanna feel 'wanted'? nah, idk; idc. in short, gaining followers/friends on any social network is NOT my goal.

Samstag, 27. Juli 2013

twenty-first name day


for any of you who HAVEN'T wish me a happy birthday, DO IT NOW! LEAVE IT ON COMMENT SECTION BELOW. nah, I'm kidding. for me, birthday is a sign/reminder that my life span is just reduced for another one year.

Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

last days before hitting twos

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~ there are so many things I haven't dooooooooonnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee!!

yet I'm procrastinating those things. hahaha. typical me :p well not really procrastinating them. I baked another cake. this time was black sticky rice sponge cake. delicious! lecker! delicioso! delizioso! it's really really delicious (for me, because I love black sticky rice hahaha and it's my creation so it's delicious). some of my homies came over. they tried the cake. they said it's delicious, so it's delicious! hahaha. hope they didn't just make me flattered.
it's BLACK sticky rice sponge cake, so it's not scorched

Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

those sweet little things

a dream is literally weird, isn't it? I just had a dream. it's a very random one. I didn't know where/when/how it started. what I remember is: I was having a dance practice in a studio. I was with my junior-high-school friends. there were some other from various schools. after practicing, Mike Song came towards me then he hugged me! still with his sweat all over his body. hahaha. hope you remember Mike Song, I've shared a little about him here. that's the only point I wanna tell you. the rest is unimportant. HAHAHAHA!

I didn't and never expect that I'd had a dream with Mike Song in it. that's beyond my..... yea. and the dream was so clear that I could feel his warm hug, his humbleness, his calm voice, and his positive aura. wish it became real tho. hahaha. it won't be. because I don't dance. never really tried it out. maybe I should try it some day. hehehe

Montag, 22. Juli 2013

geek week - holiday part six

ohaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii~~ this week gonna be a geek week. I just bought a book; a very classic story: The Phantom of the Opera. the one I'm reading is the one for kids (HAHAHAHA) from Sterling Publishing, New York. the font size is bigger than the usual novel, easier to read, shorter version as it's a retold version. the original 'The Phantom of the Opera' is written by Gaston Leroux, a French.
btw don't tell me I'm fatter :o
hahh~ *sigh* I hate time zones. different time kills me. it's like Simple Plan's song 'Jet Lag'; "you say good morning, when it's midnight". I CAN'T. should I move my ass to his place? hahaha. seriously, an 11-hour different sucks! :( maybe, yea, I should move to his place :p hehehe

Freitag, 19. Juli 2013

round and round - holiday part five

finally, last Thursday I went somewhere with my high school friends. at 10 I went to a shopping mall which has condominiums above it with my friend. arrived there around 11. then we met others; then off we went to have lunch. we arrived at a restaurant around 12, then we went to a fusion tea shop. after having our teas, we went back to the shopping mall where we first gathered; one of my friend needed to head back home. after dropping her off, we went to a grand shopping mall in the centre of Jakarta. we spend around 3-4hours there. I reached home around 20.47, which is the earliest (oops) time arrival whenever I go out with my high school friends. hahaha! it's a wrap! gained weight a little. dang!

as I told you before, I had deadlines on Friday. it's quite a stressful day. and people weren't helping much. ARGH. I had this spell on me, I've been repeated it all the time: everything's worth in the end. it tricks my mindset so that I could and would be more patient. 

Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013

getting back to past routine - holiday part four

on the last part, I told you guys that I finally had something to work on. and yep. it's an old routine; for my own sake, so I've started it again since last Monday. hope everything's going well ;) but now my whole body is aching. naaawww.....

TUESDAY. it's my (Chinese-lunar-calendar) birthday.  nothing really special tho. hahaha. we're more celebrating the solar-calendar birthday one, so..... yeah. nothing special. on Tuesday night, we had a slight and informal dinner with my mom's ex-colleague. nice dishes :9 hahaha. meeting my mom's colleagues (who are mostly Filipino; yay!) always makes me wanna go there. or maybe enroll my master degree there. I'm still aiming for a scholarship in Thailand, or Germany of course, but Philippines sounds great. everything's worth a try. wish me luck anyway! :D

Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

hidden language of soul - holiday part three

hi, it's me again~ hahaha. no, there won't be anyone else except me who posts posts ( ._.)#foreveralone

still on my holiday. nothing special. hmm. I've spend my last 3 days for watching videos from youtube (still hahaha); but different channels. just finished watching videos from Anthony Lee and Mike Song. both are dancers, choreographers, good friends, etc; just check their channels.

Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

holiday part two

LAME. my holiday so far: LAME. nothing to do. well, I actually have things to do, but I'm just dodging it. hahaha. I just don't want to do serious things during my holiday, okay. it's called holiday. for me, it's time to relax, do nothing in particular, etc etc. my perfect holiday is: I'm at a beach, laying on the sand, bathing myself with the sunshine, hearing the crashing waves, feeling the blowing coastal wind. or, I'm going somewhere ALONE. literally alone, without my parents' supervision, without friends who come along. I planned to go to Bangkok for a month; unfortunately, I can't. I still have a course which I have to attend.

Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

holiday part one

couldn't regard as literally holiday tho..... I still have tons of things to do but I..... feel like I wanna sing Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song everyday. hahaha!

I'm still watching youtube videos; yep, still watching those Asian guys' videos. don't care if I watch it again and again. never get bored of them. they really know how to engage with the viewers. should learn it from them; how to engage with your viewers. oyeah, I just deleted my old youtube account; goodbye~ first time joined youtube was on 12 September 2007. I closed it on 5 July 2013. thank you for the amazing-almost-six-year experience.

Montag, 1. Juli 2013

hello July!

hi, guys! it's been a while since umm my last post..... in Bahasa. hehehe. I'm really sorry for you guys who were trying to keep up with my update but you couldn't understand the language. yea, you should learn Bahasa Indonesia. it's not that hard. okay, it's hard. even me myself can't speak Bahasa very well. I use too much slang in my daily life, so..... yep. but you can ask me if you need help on your Bahasa. LOL. probably not.