Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

langkah pertama

halo semuaa. uda lama yah, gue ga ngepos dalam bahasa Indonesia. heheh. entri kali ini, mungkin gue tetep pake bahasa Inggris di beberapa kata ato frase. maklum, gue akui gue kayaknya uda terlalu keseringan pake kata serapan, which is not good as....., well yea, like this, jadi agak susah mengungkapkan sesuatu dalam bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar; oke, bahasa Indonesia  gue ga gitu baik dan ga gitu bener. hehehe.

gue ga bakal ngebahas bahasa di sini. kali ini gue cuma mau cerita/curhat (wuwuw yeyey) tentang..... tentang..... umm..... kegiatan gue yang malang melintang. wekekekek

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

after final exams

YAY! FINALLY! I'M SO DONE WITH THOSE FINAL EXAMS!! WAHOO!! well, I'm afraid I need to go for a repetition exam since I couldn't do well on one subject. but let's hope no repetition. AMEN! and I'm wishing all the best of luck to my friends who are still 'struggling' with final exams. do your very best, guys! I know you all can do it. break a leg!

this semester is probably the worst one. I'm not planning to have another bad semester. watch my words, guys. I'm not gonna remiss. yea, I admit, I disregarded the lessons. I went to watch futsal and basketball matches, malls, spent too much time on internet (even during final exams week LOL). just passed the final exams, there's nothing I can do to fix my mistakes. I'm just hoping that I have no repetition exam and I pass my German interview. then I can deal with my two big projects: Orientation Week 2013 and IBEF 2013. and I think those two will be my last projects I handle during my time at campus.

Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

gloomy Wednesday

hi, fellas. I'm having my final exams week right now. so far so good, I guess. hehehe. wish me tons of luck! ;)

yesterday (Tue 11/6) was English. thank God it has never been a problem for me. but I found something odd. my friends' names were crossed out (it's A and B). I wondered why.

I found the answer this afternoon, right before the exam started. it's a shocking one. I was so surprised that I couldn't concentrate on my exam. around first 10' I just read the questions over and over again, I couldn't think clearly. I realised that my eyes were wet. I got back to my concious state. I needed to finish my exam well. I did it.

Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

Jeremy Lin

hey, fellas! I know it's a bit lame to talk about basketball since it's not really my thing; despite my ex-PG status. I won't talk too much on this post (I hope). it's about a NBA player who currently plays for Houston Rockets. the Asian American-born guy; there's no other than JEREMY LIN.

for NYK

Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

you are not alone

"You are not alone for I am here with you
Though you're far away I am here to stay
But you are not alone for I am here with you
And though we're far apart you're always in my heart"

a stanza of (late) Michael Jackson's song "You Are Not Alone". yes, you're not alone, my dear. you are never alone. look around you. maybe you'll think like, "nope. yes, they are all around, but they are not available for me." nah. here, let me tell you: "the closer you look, the less you'll see". do you know this tagline? it's the tagline of 'Now You See Me', a recent PG-13 film.

Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

manchmal überrascht dich das Leben ♥

sometimes life surprises you. it's true. have you ever experienced it? realised it or not, I believe you have ever experienced it. oh btw please pardon my poor German hehehe

what's life? it's a very philosophical question. it has various meanings; depends on the people who describe it. the people based on their surroundings: family, school, friends, neighbourhood, environment; and the personality of themselves (well yea which is sometimes affected by the surroundings) including their believes.

questions about the meaning of life have been expressed in a broad variety of ways, including: