Sonntag, 20. Mai 2018


HI GUYS!! this week went meh. never could expect much from the weekdays, so always relying the highlight on weekend; which didn't seem to be a good one recently.

this week wasn't a raceweek, and also the matchdays are over. so I'm faced with DFB-Pokal Final, which turned out it's not a good one either. we'll talk about it later.

alrighty. shall we?

Sonntag, 13. Mai 2018


HI GUYS!! this week was surely somewhat a exhausting week. tough week(end) was tough. I threw a roll call on Saturday night: F1 qualification, my red babies' last (home) match, beer shower, my other red babies game 3. did I mention the last game was against my old flame? Holger Badstuber, yes, you got it right :')

and I might just did something a little bit insane..... I'll keep you updated on next entry!

anyway, shall we?

Sonntag, 6. Mai 2018


HI GUYS!! this week isn't a raceweek, but yes a matchday! it's 33rd matchday which means there's one match left; at home, against VfB. welcoming back Mario and Holger home :')

since it's not raceweek, my men are going to places without my consent! (LOL) glad to see them having a break after these four crazy rounds!

alrighty~ shall we?

Sonntag, 29. April 2018


HI GUYS!! alright. alright. this was definitely a busy weekend for sure! it's a raceweek, a matchday, and I watched Avengers: Infinity War. YES. I MANAGED TO WATCH IT ON THE OPENING WEEKEND. I supposed to watch it on the release day but meh :/

typing this post while listening to Horner's interview with Skysport in the background :D

we'll talk about it one by one, yeah. shall we?

Sonntag, 22. April 2018


HI GUYS!! it's not a raceweek this time but it is for football. so whenever F1's not there, I still have football. that's why you go for both, guys! no boring week! :p

so my red babies won again though we've secured the title for this season and it was awesome. I mean, my little brother played as defensive midfielder and HE DID AWESOME. WOOHOO!!

alrighty~ shall we?

Sonntag, 15. April 2018


HI GUYS!! I have to confess something. there's one thing I forgot to mention something here..... MY RED BABIES WAS ABOUT TO FACE 2ND LEG. AND I FORGOT. THANKFULLY THEY MADE IT THROUGH. OMG. this was like the first time I forgot that my red babies were having a match. I'M SO SORRY.

but yeah. we made it. then we're drawn to play against that "club". y'all know what club. LOL. IT'S TIME TO DESTROY THE CORRUPTION, GUYS!! well, except they wanna make "that club" got a hattrick ;)

anyway, let's dig in, shall we?

Sonntag, 8. April 2018



one down. two to go. LET'S GO!

so, it was a busy Saturday. living in GMT+7, on 20.30 watched FCA-FCB, then 22.00 for F1 qualification, then 23.00 FCBB-Giessen. the FCB family did well; congratulations on the 6th consecutive title and that win against Giessen!

so let's talk about them more!