Sonntag, 10. September 2017

WSPD 2017

HI GUYS!! I'M SO FCUKIN EXCITED FOR THE UPCOMING TRIP! knowing that some of my favourite youtubers are also in Singapore right now. WOOHOO!! can't wait! can't fcukin wait!!

some highlights of this week: my red babies lost, gettin real tired with some things, my man is currently in Toronto for his premiere (congratulations, baby! can't be more proud of you!).

shall we?

Sonntag, 3. September 2017

holdin' on!

HI GUYS!! on this post I'd talk about: my white babies on their WC qualification matches, my Hulk in Monza, and how my long weekend went. of course also about the trip I've been mentioning for a while now. or maybe it's the one I've never stopped talking about :p

ya ready?!

Sonntag, 27. August 2017

#paradeasean50 #asean50

HI GUYS!! I'm running out of ideas on how to open a new entry; including this post. hehehe. but in summary, I'm gonna drabble about how tired this week was (LOL), my red babies (WE WON AND OUR GREATH WHITE WHALE IS BACK), F1 (MY HULKIE BABY FINISHED P6!!), and ASEAN 50 Parade

shall we start?

Sonntag, 20. August 2017

Leo babies

HI GUYS!! what's new? I have nothing new. except making some new friends through one of my high school besties who is getting married in October. woohoo!

also, my other besties came to Jakarta. spent some time for dinner and it's hella fun! and I'm getting giddy for our September trip!

should I set a countdown here? :p 23 days to go! it's like 23 sleeps more! it's more if I take a nap. LOL!

Sonntag, 13. August 2017


Pentru Bas,
Viata lunga, fericire, sanatate si iubire. La mulți ani. Sunt foarte recunoscător. Te iubesc. Mulțumesc.

HI GUYS!! woohoo!! today is exactly D-30 before my departure!! I am beyond excited!! one of my boys is having his 35th birthday today!! happy birthday, baby. love you to infinity and beyond!

it's good to have your man also as a Leo :D

Sonntag, 6. August 2017


HI GUYS!! THIS MIGHT BE THE BEST WEEKEND SO FAR!! WOOHOO!! until my SG trip, I suppose(?) hehehe. AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT TRIP!! will depart in less than 40 days! yeaaaaahhhh!!

so, the reason why this might be the best weekend so far.....

Sonntag, 30. Juli 2017

welcoming another 365 days of sun

HI GUYS!! final week of July! it has always been my week since forever and I think you know why. hehehe :p

for those who read my previous entry, I said that I was going to the opening ceremony of Art Jakarta 2017. I couldn't make it. it's on my important day but I went back from store late. also, I didn't come to the exhibition days. I'm sorry.

I cut my hair btw but nothing major~